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OX Destination Santorini

FYE – For Your Event organized a unique wedding in Santorini on behalf of Mideast travel agency. The Egyptian businessman “O” and his beloved one, beautiful “X” choose the magnificent island to exchange eternal love vows. The couple and 150 guests from all over the world enjoyed a 3 days event with many surprise and fun. FYE’s production staff in collaboration with Sound Projects staff exceeded 120 people. The fairytale wedding held at Santo Wines winery, the natural beauty, the balance of the light and geometry prevailed at the venue. Traditional dressed hostesses (priestesses) welcomed the guests who enjoyed the idyllic sunset on the special constructed white platform decorated with white orchids and pink peonies while drinking a glass of French champagne.
Two white impressive horses brought the bride at the venue.
Traditional Greek musicians escorted the couple at the ceremony area.
The buffet of the wedding by Menoo catering included tastes from Mideast, Greece, Russia and Turkey.
One of the most distinguished pastry chefs in Greece Stelios Parliaros, made the special 2meters wedding cake for the wedding, countless fireworks by Nanos fireworks accompanied the famous Bon Jovi’s song it’s my life highlighted the night. The night continued with tasteful cocktails and unlimited Vodka by Bartenders team (Achileas Karaoulanis) entertained by a ten-member band
A fantastic beach party held the last day at Oceanides estate, the place was formed with special furniture from Athens, sun beds and a floated platform for water sports. Female dancers, synchronized swimming with firewoks and a photo booth were few of the surprises of the day.
The famous Greek music band 48 hours

Wedding Details
Wedding Planner: FYE - For Your Event
Audio Visual Production : Sound Projects
Videography: Robert Balasko, Art-Studio
DMC: MidEast Travel